The leadership team at the Quality & Satisfaction Research Institute  support federals, state and municipal government agencies mission in Puerto Rico with the CSIPR government model measurement tool.  The CSIPR metric has been developed with ACSI’s petented methodology.

Since 1999, the widespread use of ACSI methodology among federal service programs and agency websites is proof of the federal government preference towards the metric, this demonstrates it is the ultimate solution for measuring citizen satisfaction.


Federal Government 

‘‘Government Customer  Service Improvement Act of 2013’’

​To require the establishment of Federal customer service standards and to improve the service provided by Federal agencies.

"Law of Performance Excellence of Execution for Public Agencies and Instrumentalities"

To create, to promote the adoption of the necessary mechanisms for the establishment of a system of evaluation and performance measurement and enforceable agencies and instrumentalities of the "Law of Performance Excellence of Execution and Public Agencies and Instrumentalities" to promote the effectiveness and efficiency of operations; repeal Act 236-2010; and for other related purposes.

Quality Monitoring Program in Public Service  Act No.. 33 of April 2, 2008.
To set the "Quality Monitoring Program in Public Service" in each agency, instrumentality or public corporation that provides direct services to the population, define responsibilities of public bodies, and for other related purposes.                                                                                           

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