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Distinctive for the property and casualty insurance sector, the CSIPR model captures customer opinions about critical sections of the policyholder experience. Our model has proven to exceed habitual customer feedback analysis and simple customer satisfaction metrics. Our CSIPR  cause-and-effect framework provides additional insights about the impact of each sections of the customers experience,  to learn how to increase satisfaction with the correct section , this will positively impact the business bottom line accurately and effectively.

The Property& Casualty Sector Benchmarks include variables such as :

  • Variety of coverage options
  • Policy discounts and rewards
  • Understanding the billing statement
  • Agent courtesy, helpfulness and clarity with policy purchase questions
  • Agent courtesy , helpfulness and speed with handling claims
  • Claim processing speed
  • Website ease or difficulty of navigation
  • Client Service accessibility  

​Property & Casualty Insurance Sector

2015 the first annual presentation for  the property & casualty insurance sector , it will be measured with over (4) thousand customers surveys that are focused in capturing  the most recent experiences with their insurer. The customer survey data serve as inputs to CSIPR proprietary patented model, which embeds customer satisfaction within a series of cause-and-effect relationships.

The Index is constructed  by  multi-variable aggregates each creating a latent variable composed of several questions  that are weighted in the model. The questionarie measure what affects satisfaction  as well as the effects of satisfaction. The scores are reported on a 0 to 100 value scale. The standard model methodology quantifies the strength of each variable relationship on the left to those were the arrow points on the right. These arrows are defined as “impacts.” The model is self-weighting to use the full advantage of scientific rigor to explain customer satisfaction CSIPR on customer loyalty and therefore retention. An examination of the latente variables and impacts directions , users can determine what drivers of satisfaction , if improved,  effects most on customer loyalty.

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