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Qualitative Research

The qualitative research division is a full service offering, including moderation, recruitment and consultation for  all sized projects. A complete qualitative research capability that is fully bilingual in English & Spanish with a combined working exprerice that exeeds 30 years

Custom Research

Do you have other needs in your organization,  we conduct customized research services, tailored to meet unique needs such as brand or category-specific research, quarterly tracking studies, demographic segmentation, customized surveys, business-to-business or business to consumer or Internal business measurement projects.


Is a cost-effective service that enables organizations of all types to use the CSIPR methodology in towards a custom surveys by telephone, mail, or electronic apps, for business-to-consumer or business-to-business applications. 


Provides  your organization;

1. Benchmark on three different dimensions, including Industry/ sector / company level.

2. Compare key variables in the Customer Satisfaction Index of Puerto Rico econometric model and “ cross-industry” analysis that includes , customer satisfaction, customers’ expectations, perceived quality, customers’ perceptions of value gauge price sensitivity, customer loyalty and repurchase likelihood.

3. Predictive analysis using the cause-effect property of the methodology underlying Customer Satisfaction Index of Puerto Rico. This powerful tool offers insight to enhances customers’ repurchase intention and facilitates the development of a strategic management framework to maximize financial results with effective allocation of resources that will improve customer satisfaction and retention. This impact analysis will provide companies with an understanding of the  financial impact of improving customer satisfaction as the model calculates your companies customer retention level. 

4. The CSIPR gives clients an independent perspective to guide strategic planning. Clients receive an extensive set of highly reliable measures that can quantify the quality of their organization’s customer relationships and identify strengths and weaknesses, to  compare all aspects of their customers’ experience to the detailed customer satisfaction results of major industry competitors, plus “best-in-class” companies—available across the entire spectrum of the CSIPR’s structure.

The customer satisfaction index of Puerto Rico (CSIPR) is a scientifically proven patented measurement of satisfaction derived from the American Customer Satisfaction Index™, developed at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business. The growing significance of customer satisfaction as a vital measure of overall business performance is collectively accepted around the globe. Ample market confirmations have consistently identified a link between satisfaction and positive outcomes in  firms such as higher customer retention , revenue growth , and customer loyalty.  Join the thousands of companies that measure customer satisfaction with.

Total Industry Coverage  Quality & Satisfaction are Key Performance Indicators