Service &  Product Model 


This expanded model was constructed to asses businesses that provide both service & products as the economic exchange for consumption to a customer.(i.e. Restaurants, Automobiles dealers)



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Standard Model 


A powefull multi-equation econometric system derived from ACSI model developed at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.

Satisfaction Models 

The Quality & Satisfaction Research Institute (IICSPR) it's spanish acronym; provides timely relevant research insights utilizing proprietary survey-based technology and predictive tools to assist  large businesses, PYMES and non-profits organization to improve future financial performance; While supporting the mission of Federal , State, and Municipal government agencies to maintain compliance of public policy developed to insure performance effectiveness and efficiency of its operations to increase citizen satisfaction. The science of satisfaction drive product & service excellence with process evaluation , quality assurance, satisfaction measurement and certification programs.

Puerto Rico ASQ Section 1500 

Apply the Science of Satisfaction 


Harvest the power of the voice in your customer and increase financial  performance by gaining powerful insight with scientific precision to drive growth  in  your business. 

E-Business Model 


The electronic business model was created to measure website effectiveness to enhance business intelligence, improving customers likelyhood to return and shop.  

​​Quality & Satisfaction Research Institute

 Driving  Product & Service Excellence 

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Government Model 


The most comprehensive and complete model develop to support Federal, State, and municipal agencies to improve operational efficiency to increase citizen trust with government transparency.   

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